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High School

Frank W. Cox (Link)

First Colonial (Link)

Green Run (Link)

Floyd E. Kellam (Link) 

Kempsville (Link)

Landstown (Link)

Ocean Lakes  (Link)

Princess Anne(link) 


Middle Schools



Corporate Landing 

Great Neck 



Kemps Landing 





Princess Anne 

Salem Middle 

Virginia Beach 


Bayside Wrestling Club

Ocean Lakes Wrestling Club (link)

Eagles Wrestling Club (Landstown/Link)

Beach Boyz Wrestling Club

Cox Wrestling Club   (Link)


Kempsville Wrestling  Club (link)

Princess Anne Wrestling Club (link)

Sun Devils 
Wrestling Club (link)

Tallwood Wrestling Club (link)

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Teams and Clubs
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Established 1998

Norview Wrestling Club

​Towne Center Wrestling Club

      2015 Tournaments
Great Bridge Wrestling club
BeachBoyz wrestling club

Great Bridge Wrestling Club
Grizzly Wrestling club
Kellam/Matrats Wrestling
NorfolkWrestling Club
Smithfield Youth Wrestling club
Great Neck Wrestling Club
Pin2Win Youth Wrestling club
Tribal-Tech Wrestling club
Hawk Wrestling Club
Oct 24 2015 Great Bridge Wrestling (Rookie in the am and The open starts in the afternoon(AAU)
Dec 6 2015 2nd Annual Norview Snowdown/Benefitting ("Trevor" my grandson who has Cystic Fibrosis and stays there alot at CHKD )

Excell Championship Wrestling Club
Spartan Wrestling Club
Kempsville Wrestling Club
Blue beast wrestling club
Granby Camp For the Summer And Here's the Brochures
Oct 25 2015 Towne Center Wrestling Fall Kick-off(AAU)
Oct.10 2015 Salem High Sun Devil Throw down.(AAU)
Anyone interested in having an AAU tournament this year or the start of the 2015/2016 season, please contact me at 757-286-7982.or
( that if you are a member of AAU,you get free a digital copy of the WIN magazine.

Jan 3 2016 Towne center Start of the NEW year wrestling Tournament
March 5/6 2016 AAU States K thru High school(site TBA)
Dec.5 2015@ Norview HS Kick-off  (High school teams only)
Jan.23 2016 King of the Beast(High School teams Only
Dec 5 2015 1st Annual Super York Duals
Oct.3 2015 AAU Duals @ Norview High School(Formerly Tribal Tech Duals)
Dec 5 2015 Ram Cup at Lafayette HS
Jan 15/16 2016 Ram Rumble at Lafayette HS
High School Events for 2015/2016
Nov.14 2015 Great Bridge(k-5 @9 and 6-8 in the afternoon(USA)
Jan 2 2016 Great Bridge( K-5 @9 and 6-8 in the afternoon(AAU)
Jan 9  2016 Norfolk Duals @ Norview HS
Dec.11/12 2015 Jackie Mounie Craney Island Invitational
Jan.8/9 2016 Virginia Duals @The Hampton Coliseum
Oct.18,2015 Beach Boyz Fall Open(AAU))
Jan 10 2016 3rd Annual Va Duals Kids National Championship
Jan 17 2016 Lafayette Ram Rumble rookie Tournament(AAU)
Oct .4 2015 @ Norview HS Kickoff Slam Feast(AAU)
Dec.13 2015 3rd Annual Southern Va Santa Slam
Jan.17 2016 2nd Annual Super Rookie Rage
Feb.21 2016 3rd Annual War on the Mat
Dec.19 2015 5th Annual Grizzly Grinder(AAU)
Dec 13 2015 Poquoson Bull Islander(AAU)
Sept.27 2015 Kempsville Fall Classic(AAU
The Start of the NEW Wrestling Season
Panther Wrestling Club
Nov.27/28 2015 Commonwealth Games in Portsmouth Fieldhouse