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Beach District Wrestling


Beach District Wrestling started in 1990 by a great friend of mine named Jim Jackson. His boys went to wrestle in our AAU tournaments. His boys loved wrestling so much that their dad Jim started this website. Once his boys went to college I took over this site to help wrestlers and parents be able to locate tournaments and other training places to help everyone get better in wrestling as well as teach them good sportsmanship and great citizenship. Like Jim, my kids started wrestling in 1990. So with me and my wife we decided to run tournaments as well as promote wrestling of all styles. Wrestling is been a part of my life since middle school. I love the sport and very proud to have been involved in wrestling for so many years. I hope all of the wrestlers and parents that we have been in contact with has learned about how to look at brackets,and to make sure they knew where to have their wrestlers and on what mat. I'm not running AAU no more,but I am still officiating and running tournaments all over the country. If you ever need advise or need someone to talk to about wrestling, i'm here. 

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